I’m an international lawyer from Kosovo admitted to practice in the state of Texas. This is my personal website, which I first started in 2001. I use it to share things of interest with friends and those I hope to befriend.

As a lawyer, I focus on:

  • International Law   
  • Commercial Law   
  • Legal Writing   
  • Public Interest   

I currently serve clients through the Prishtina-based Dr. Mjeku Law Office.

I help maintain a blog and online library about Albanian law and society. The site has a section in English.



My name’s Getoar Mjeku. I’m an international lawyer from Kosovo admitted to practice in the state of Texas, the United States.

My Country

I was born in Prishtina, Kosovo. You may hear me call my country by its classical, pre-colonial name Dardania. I like that better. I also identify as an Albanian: ethnic Albanians are indigenous to Dardania and make up about 90 percent of its population.

I moved back to my country at the end of 2015, after over a decade in the United States.

My Name

The way to my heart is to simply say my name right. In IPA, it’s /gɛˌtɔˈaɾ ˈmjeːku/. Americans round it up to ‘geh-toh-AHR MYAI-koo’.

My first name starts with a hard G, the rest is like in Spanish. There’s no J sound in my last name: pronounce the J like the Y in New York. (Want to know why? Read here.)

Getoar isn’t a French name; it relates to the Albanians like François does to the French. Mjeku means medical doctor, and comes from the Latin word medicus — hence Getoarius Medicus, should you ever need to Latinize my name. I am not a physician, but I have doctors in the family; I’m merely a doctor of laws.

My Vocation

I currently serve clients through the Prishtina-based Dr. Mjeku Law Office. I mainly focus on international and commercial law matters.

I have worked as a legal expert for the Kosovo Privatization Agency, providing legal opinions on privatization contracts under English and Kosovo law. In Texas, I have practiced commercial and immigration law with Houston-based firms, and worked with the Thomson Reuters team in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex on international business matters.

As a proud citizen of Kosovo, I am often involved with civil society groups that seek to improve the rule of law and democracy. I strongly support plain language writing, and help promote the Albanian dialect spoken in Kosovo.

I have written several opeds about law and politics, edited law textbooks for the University of Prishtina, and translated two history books into English and George Orwell essays into Albanian. I formerly worked as a TV sports reporter in Kosovo, and then as radio broadcaster for the Voice of America in Washington, D.C.

See my résumé.

My Pastime

My pastime interests include linguistics, history, music, Albanian culture, and free software.

I help maintain Plisi, a blog and online library about Albanian law, society, and culture. The site has a section in English.

“The Law of the Albanian Highlands recognizes all men as equals.” [Medieval] Code of Lekë Dukagjini, Gjeçovi ed., § 593.

My Website

This is my personal website. I use it to share things of interest with friends and those I hope to befriend.

Back in the day — and by that I mean less than a decade ago — having a personal webpage was a good thing. A website was even better.

I built my first website when I was 12, before I even had an email address. I got that in the reverse order, and for the right reasons. I was exploring Microsoft FrontPage 97, an office-suite program made to simplify web design. But one thing was complicated: I had no internet connection to upload my first “masterpiece.”

As a refugee in France (1999) As a refugee in France (1999)

The war with Serbia ended in 1999, leaving Kosovo devastated. The World Wide Web was a luxury, some 10 Deutsch marks (five U.S. dollars) an hour at an internet café. The old dial-up providers were out of business. And even if you could get internet at home, your chances of using it were slim. Rolling blackouts hit us hard that first post-war winter with only two hours of power every four, six, or even eight hours in the dark.

But things improved quickly. Cybercafés slashed prices by half within a year. I signed up for an email account at the now defunct Later, I switched to a more “professional” address at Hotmail. Some two years after the war had ended, I got the W3 at home.

I also uploaded my first site around that time. Eventually, I thought I had mastered the trade enough to start a site for the school’s magazine. The 2002 project is surprisingly still available here.

In the following years, I took up on other hobbies and did less of sitemaking. I even let my own site disappear for a while. Since then, social media have made personal webpages somewhat obsolete, save for those blogs that still rely on Facebook and Twitter to gain visitors.

You may have been led here by a search engine. Or perhaps you took the less likely route of typing in your address bar. Either way, this “one-pager” is just a reminiscence of those “good ol’ days” of personal webpages on CRT monitors and dial-up internet. Enjoy!

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  • Dr. Mjeku Law Office, Prishtina, Kosovo • Attorney at Law, 2015 to Present
    Advising businesses, government bodies, and nonprofit organizations on matters of international, commercial, and public law; providing litigation support and assisting corporate clients with drafting of legal documents and publications; advising international clients on Kosovo and U.S. investments and immigration; representing clients in labor disputes and general civil litigation
  • Kosovo Telecom, Prishtina, Kosovo • Legal Adviser, 2018
    Advising nation's largest telephone company on commercial contracts, international arbitration, complex domestic disputes, competition law, and corporate governance; reporting directly to CEO
  • Kosovo Privatization Agency, Prishtina, Kosovo • Legal Expert, 2017
    Providing legal opinions on complex corporate and privatization matters under English and Kosovo law
  • Checchi Consulting and Company, Prishtina, Kosovo • Attorney, 2017
    USAID Contract Law Enforcement Program: Assisted commercial law judges to increase court efficiency
  • Dinh Law Firm, Houston, Texas • Associate Attorney, 2015
    U.S. investments and immigration, commercial law, asset forfeiture lawsuits, general civil litigation
  • Thomson Reuters (Randstad USA), Carrollton, Texas • Attorney, 2015
    Litigation support in international investments, bankruptcy, corporate, banking, finance, and foreign exchange matters, under Swiss, French, and English law
  • Catholic Charities of Dallas, Dallas, Texas • Legal Intern, 2014
    Immigration and Legal Services: Counseled clients on matters of naturalization, Deferred Action, entry without inspection, unaccompanied alien children
  • SMU Civil Legal Clinic, Dallas, Texas • Chief Counsel & Student Attorney, 2013
    Successfully defended client in county court, assisted attorneys drafting amicus brief to Texas Supreme Court, participated in expungement law reform project, mentored student attorneys
  • CKR Law, P.C., Houston, Texas • Law Clerk, 2012
    Drafted appellate brief and pleadings, provided litigation support in complex bankruptcy, provided research and writing in real estate and commercial matters


  • "Tampering with Treaties: Kosovo President Seeks Judicial Advice on Ratification," Bar Tex. ILS Int'l Newsl., vol. 2, no. 1 (Spring 2019), 22–25; Oct. 13, 2018, working paper, available in English and Albanian at SSRN
  • "Dokumentimi i të drejtave mbi pronën: Sistemet amerikane dhe britanike (Documenting Interests in Land: The American and British Systems)," E drejta: Univ. Prishtina L. Rev. (forthcoming 2018) [in Albanian with summary in English], available in English and Albanian at SSRN
  • "Barring Aliens from Taking the Bar: A European Story of Vengeful Discrimination," June 21, 2018, working paper, available at SSRN
  • "Unredeemed Lands and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction: The Case of Serbia and Kosovo," Dec. 13, 2013, working paper, available at SSRN
  • "Territorial Sovereignty and Establishing the Rule of Law in Kosovo," JURIST–Dateline, Aug. 22, 2011


  • Edited law textbooks for University of Prishtina, translated two history books, drafted proposed constitutional amendments and proposed constitution for Kosovo. Formerly worked as a reporter.
  • Achievements and Awards: Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honor Society, Monteith Inn; Who’s Who Among Students, 2010; Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, etc.
  • Languages: Albanian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian, Esperanto


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